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Neo-Paganism (also spelled Neopaganism and also known as Paganism) is a religion that emphasizes ancient pagan religious traditions and reverence for nature. This religion takes a variety of forms known as "paths," which range from Wicca, which focuses on spells and goddess worship, to Hellenic Polytheism, which seeks to revive Greek paganism in an academically accurate form. While this belief system was more commonplace in the ancient world, it has experienced a resurrgence in parts of the modern world, mostly in the West.

  • Neopagan Beliefs

    Neopaganism is not an organized religion and has no official doctrine, creed, or organization. Pagans follow a wide variety of spiritual paths and may have a variety of beliefs on religious questions like the divine, human nature and the afterlife... full article →
  • Neopagan Branches

    Neopaganism tends not to be organized or dogmatic and many Pagans do not identify with any particular strand of Neopaganism, instead drawing from the beliefs and rituals of more than one tradition... full article →
  • Neopagan Ethics

    ## Morality in Wiccan Belief As with beliefs and practices, Neopagan ethics can vary. But most Neopagans share the same ethic of doing no harm and the basic values of religious freedom, reverance for nature, equality of the sexes, and openness to forms of sexuality... full article →
  • Neopagan Glossary

    Definitions of terms related to Neopaganism. full article →
  • Neopagan Holidays

    ## Wiccan Holidays Wiccans and other Neopagans celebrate holidays and festivals based on nature and the changing of seasons. The Neopagan seasonal cycle, called the Wheel of the Year, consists of eight major Sabbats... full article →
  • Neopagan Timeline

    Neopagan history at a glance. full article →

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