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published: 4/17/04
updated: 5/8/13

Hindu Symbols

What are the Symbols of Hinduism?


Name: Aum

Also spelled "Om," in Hindu thought this image represents a sacred sound.

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Name: Bindi

The "dot" on the forehead of the woman pictured to the left is called a bindi. It is worn by married women.

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Name: Linga

This is the symbol of the god, Shiva.

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lotus flower

Name: Lotus flower

The lotus flower represents beauty in Hinduism, and can also carry other meanings.

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Name: Pratik

This symbol combines two triangels, a rising sun, and a swastika.

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Name: Swastika

The connotations of the swastika in the Western world aren't the same as those in the East.

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Name: Tilak

Like a bindi, a tilak is a mark on the forehead.

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Name: Trisula

Also spelled "Trishula," this trident is an important symbol in Hinduism.

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Name: Yantra

In Hinduism, this symbol represents the universe.

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