Religion In America

Religion in America Fast Facts

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  • Protestant 51.3%
  • Roman Catholic 23.9%
  • Mormon 1.7%
  • Other Christian 1.6%
  • Jewish 1.7%
  • Buddhist 0.7%
  • Muslim 0.6%
  • Other or unspecified 2.5%
  • Unaffiliated 12.1% (link goes to new numbers on "The Nones")

Summary of Religion in America

Religion in America is as diverse as its population.

Most Americans call themselves Christians. Over 50% of Americans claim Protestant Christianity, while approximately 25% affiliate with Roman Catholicism. These numbers don’t, however, translate into church-going as only about 36% of Americans attend church regularly.

Eastern religions continue to grow in the United States, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Often these faith are combined with American secularism, so that the product isn’t Buddhism such as in Japan or Hinduism such as in India, but an “American form” of them.

Judaism and Islam are firmly rooted in America as well even though their numbers are smaller.

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