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Mormon Holidays and Festivals

What are the holidays in Mormonism?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a growing religion in the modern world, as it nears the end of its second century of existence. Based on the testimony of Joseph Smith of divine revelations, which he reported having had in the 1820's, the LDS Church - or "Mormonism" as it's commonly called - is currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Also see Mormon beliefs)

Like many other religions, such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, Mormons revere certain days of the calendar and set them apart due for religious reasons and purposes. LDS is unlike Jehovah's Witnesses, for example, who don't celebrate holidays. Some sacred days that Mormons observe are shared with Christianity while others are unique to the Mormon religion. (Compare Christianity and Mormonism)

Overview of Mormon Holidays

Easter and Christmas

Mormons celebrate the two main Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas, which mark the resurrection and birth of Christ, respectively. They also celebrate national and regional holidays, along with birthdays and anniversaries.

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Pioneer Day

The main specifically Mormon holiday is Pioneer Day, celebrated on July 24 of each year. Pioneer Day celebrates the first entry of Mormons into Salt Lake Valley in 1847, after the long journey westward to escape religious persecution.

Mormons worldwide honor the pioneer heritage of the Church on this day, but it is especially popular in the western United States.

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Founding of the LDS Church

Another special day occurs on April 6, which is the anniversary of the founding of the LDS church in New York in 1830.

  • Also see Joseph Smith

John the Baptist's Visit

On May 15 some Mormons celebrate the story of John the Baptist visiting Joseph Smith.


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