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Christian Objects

Like most religions, Christianity concerns itself primarily with the spiritual world. Christians believe in a God they cannot see, pray for the salvation of non-material souls, and anticipate an afterlife characterized primarily by spiritual pleasures. However, Christianity is also a religion that embraces the material world rather than renouncing it. Christians believe that a good God created the physical world and Christ took on a physical body, and so conclude that matter must be good in itself. And like those of most religions, followers of Christianity rely on material objects to enhance their religious experience.

This section will explore some of the many sacred and ceremonial objects that have been used in Christianity throughout history and in modern congregations, covering a wide range of items from the humble rosary beads to soaring cathedrals to the ubiquitous fish bumper sticker. Also included are important specific objects in Christian history and legend, like the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Grail, as well as decorative items used in churches like banners. Basically, anything related to Christianity that can be classified as a "thing" will be treated here.

  • Cassock

    ## What is a cassock? In the Christian religion, the cassock (also known as a soutane) is not technically a liturgical vestment, but simply the daily clothing of the priest... full article →
  • Christmas tree

    ## Christmas trees: their use, history, and decorations What is a Christmas tree? During the Christmas season, which traditionally commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, people all around the world decorate trees - often a type of conifer (i... full article →
  • Icons in Christianity

    In Christiantity, an icon (from Greek εικων, eikon, "image") is a flat picture of Jesus Christ, Mary, or other saints... full article →
  • New Testament Manuscripts

    The New Testament plays a very central role in Christianity. For most Christians, the New Testament is not only a precious record of the life of Jesus Christ and the apostles, but a divine revelation to mankind on matters of salvation... full article →
  • Paten (Communion Plate)

    A paten (Greek patane, "plate") is the plate that holds the consecrated bread during communion, in the Christian religion. The use of ordinary bread in ancient celebrations of the Eucharist implies that the paten was originally a real platter of considerable size and weight... full article →
  • Relics in Christianity

    ## What are relics? In Christianity, relics are the material remains of a deceased saint or martyr and objects closely associated with those remains... full article →
  • Shroud of Turin

    ## What is the Shroud of Turin? The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth bearing the image of a man that some believe to be Jesus Christ, who appears to have been physically traumatized in a manner consistent with crucifixion... full article →
  • baptistery

    ## Early Baptisteries In the Christian religion, a baptistry is a building, or a portion of a church, used for administering baptism. The history and institution of baptisteries is naturally connected with the development of the baptismal form... full article →
  • pyx

    ## What is a Pyx? In the Christian religion, a pyx is for holding the consecrated as well as the unconsecrated bread, for the Eucharist or communion, which commemorates the death of Jesus Christ... full article →