Jesus as Messiah

Jesus the Messiah

The title "Christ," which was applied almost interchangeably with the name "Jesus" by Christians from the New Testament era onwards, comes from the Greek for "Messiah."

The Messiah is a Jewish hero-figure predicted by the Hebrew prophets to save the Jews and bring justice to the world.

Christians believe Jesus was and is this Messiah; Jews believe he is not and still await a future messiah. Presented below are basic outlines of the reasons given for both views.

Reasons for Jesus as Messiah (Christian Perspective)

Reasons against Jesus as Messiah (Jewish Perspective)

Jewish response to counter-arguments: The claim that Jesus will fulfill the Messianic prophesies when he returns does not give him any credibility for his "first" coming. The Bible never speaks about the Messiah returning after an initial appearance. The "second coming" theory is a desperate attempt to explain away Jesus’ failure. The Biblical passages which Christians are forced to regard as second coming don’t speak of someone returning, they have a "first coming" perspective. (6, p1)


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