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published: 3/17/04
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Christian Beliefs

What do Christians believe

Alpha and Omega

Beliefs are very important to Christianity. Doctrines about God, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the Bible, angels and demons, and heaven and hell are among the most important. Christian denominations, although in mostly agreement on primary doctrines, can have many differences on secondary doctrines.

Given the great historical attention that has been devoted to Christian beliefs, the 2,000 years' worth of available writing on its many subjects, and its sometimes complex philosophical arguments, Christian doctrine can be intimidating, especially for the beginner. The following articles therefore attempt to summarize the general consensus of Christian beliefs.

Major Doctrines

The Christian God

Read about the Christian God as portrayed in the New Testament, the early church, and today.

The Trinity

Christian monotheism is Trinitarian, which holds that God is One, but made of three distinct "persons": the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ

This article focuses on the Christian doctrine about who Jesus was, a topic known as "Christology."

The Holy Spirit

In Christian theology, the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity, coequal with the Father and the Son as a part of the Godhead.

Original Sin

Fundamental to the Christian understanding of human nature is the belief that the first humans were created in the image of God (imago Dei), but the disobedience of Adam and Eve brought negative results that endure to this day.

The Devil (or Satan)

Read about the devil's (or Satan's) existence, names, nature, fall, and more.

The Afterlife

Christian beliefs about the afterlife vary between denominations and individuals, but most Christians believe in some kind of heaven and hell.


Learn more about what Christians are saved from and about ideas of how Christ's death saves people.


In Christianity, hell is the place or state for unrepentant sinners after this life. The traditional doctrine of hell has become increasingly controversial in recent years.

Other Doctrines

Creation and Evolution

Read about the different aspects of this biblical doctrine and the controversy that has historically surrounded it.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Read about the origin of, and explanations for, the traditional seven vices in Christianity.

The Virgin Mary

Because of her humility and piety and her role as the mother of the Savior of humanity, Mary has been accorded great respect in all branches of Christianity and she is a favorite subject in art, music and literature.

Catholic Mass

This article is about the sacred service of mass in Roman Catholicism.


Angels are spiritual beings who were created by God before the world was created.

Devil and Demons

History, sources and Christian views about devils and demons.


Read about the act of expelling evil spirits from a person.


This articles explores "the marks" received on the body of certain Christians from the Apostle Paul to St. Francis of Assisi, to Padre Pio.

Other Religions

This article explores various answers to the questions: Is salvation found in Christ alone? Are non-Christian religions valid paths to God and salvation? Do non-Christian religions have truth in them, and can they be seen as another aspect of divine revelation?

The End Times

Three views about the apocalypse have dominated Church history.

The New Perspective on Paul

Read about this recent theory in the study of the Apostle Paul.

Other resources

Catholic Catechisms

Read about the traditional teachings of Roman Catholicism

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