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Aladura Aladura fast facts and introduction


1 million


Mix of Anglican, Pentecostal and traditional African beliefs. Strong emphasis on healing and salvation in this life. Afterlife not emphasized.


Spiritual healing is central. Mix of Anglican and African rituals; a prophet plays a prominent role.



Aladura ("Prayer People") is a Yoruba term for various prophet-healing churches that have developed in west Africa since about 1918.

Fast Facts

  • Date founded: c.1918-1930
  • Place founded: West Nigeria
  • Founder: various
  • Adherents: approx. 1 million

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  • Aladura Practices

    Aladura practices are a mix of Anglican and African rituals. In the Church of the Lord (Aladura), for example, ministers are given an iron rod about two and a half feet long, looped in a handle at one end, as part of their insignia of office... full article →