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Schools of Zen Buddhism

Several schools of Zen developed in China in the 9th century and arrived in Japan in the 12th and 13th centuries, most notably Rinzai, which emphasizes koans, and Soto, which emphasizes clearing the mind completely during sitting meditation.

  • Rinzai Zen Buddhism

    The Rinzai (Chinese, Lin-chi) sect of Zen was introduced to Japan by the Chinese priest Ensai in 1191. Rinzai Buddhism emphasizes the use of koans, paradoxical puzzles or questions that help the practitioner to overcome the normal boundaries of logic... full article →
  • Soto Zen Buddhism

    Soto Buddhism (Chinese, Ts'ao-tung) is a Zen sect that was transmitted from China to Japan. It arrived in Japan in 1227 upon the teacher Dogen's return from China... full article →