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Witchcraft Symbols

What are the symbols of Witchcraft?

The word "witchcraft" describes a diverse set of spiritual expressions, which often include various forms of spell-casting, so-called black magic, and other practices, some of which may have been derived from other religious traditions such as shamanism and paganism.

all seeing eye

Name: Spiral

The spiral design has been traced back to the Celtic people groups of ancient Europe. It has been used as a symbol in paganism and also the World Pantheist movement.


Name: Triple Goddess

This symbol, also found in Neo-paganism, has been associated with witchcraft. The three images reflect the tri-person goddess.

eye pyramind dollar bill

Name: Witch runes

Runes are ancient letters related to old Germanic languages. There are many variants. A "witch" is understood by some to be a certain type of dialect used in certain expressions of witchcraft.



Name: Pentagram (it's a "pentacle" when inside a circle)

Greek for "five lines," the pentagram symbol has been associated with the Illuminati. The relationship may stem from accusations made by some that the Illuminati is involved in the occult or Satanism. In witchcraft, the five points sometimes represent Earth, Spirit, Air, Water, and Fire.

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Name: Cross

The arms of crosses used in witchcraft are equal lengths and are not intended to reflect the crucifixion of Jesus Christ or the Christian cross.

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skull and bones

Name: Baphomet

Some believe that the Baphomet image is connected to the Illuminati. Although there are variations of the picture, it is commonly shown with a goat head and horns, as well as wings, upon a human body. Baphomet is also traditionally seen as one of the symbols of Satanism.

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skull and bones

Name: The All-Seeing Eye of Providence

"The Eye of Providence" is a symbol that some have connected to the Illuminati. It is also referred to as "the all-seeing eye." It often appears in a triangle, like on the U.S. one-dollar bill. Some interpret the image to convey that God is watching over all the earth, which is how the symbol has been used in Christianity.


skull and bones

Name: 666

The number 666 is sometimes seen as an Illuminati symbol. The number comes from the Revelation 13:17-18 in the Christian New Testament. It is associated with the beast that comes out of the sea as described in the same chapter. Some associate the beast with the Antichrist.



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