Non-Christian Creationism

Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim Creationists

Although creationism is often associated with Christianity, the doctrine exists in other religions as well.


Hindu creationism can be called a form of Old Earth Creationism, which posits that the universe may be billions of years old, according to their sacred writings called the Vedas. Hinduism further teaches that humanity has not evolved but devolved, having been produced by state of pure consciousness. The first humans in this view were made “mature,” similar to Adam and Eve. They further state that plants and animals are the by product of pure consciousness, which are contained in an endless cycle of births and rebirths.

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There is not, however, the existence of various positions regarding the age of the Earth like there is in Christianity. Most Muslims accept the scientific consensus regarding the age of the Earth and a minority adopt Darwinian evolution.


There are a variety of views in Judaism with regard to creationism. Many Orthodox Jews accept Darwinian evolution while many Conservative Jews reject it. The other major branch of present-day Judaism, Reformed Judaism, does not subscribe to a literal interpretation of the Torah, including Genesis 1, so they welcome scientific consensus.