Its intersecting bars suggesting interaction and relationship, the cross has long been used as a religious symbol.

The cross is best known as the symbol of Christianity, in which the cross has many forms and symbolic meanings. But the cross was also used both before and after Christianity in other religious systems. Below are some of the most common varieties of crosses used as religious symbols.

Tau Cross

Greek Cross

Latin Cross

Celtic Cross


Gammadion Cross

Conqueror's Cross

Jerusalem Cross

Maltese Cross

Cross Patee

Patriarchal Cross

Russian Cross

Papal Cross

St. Peter's Cross

Victory Cross

Budded Cross

Calvary/Graded Cross

Baptismal Cross

St. Julian's Cross

Lorraine Cross

St. Andrew's Cross

Coptic Cross

Crux Ansata

Ethiopian Cross

Methodist Cross



Rose Cross

Golden Dawn Cross

Gnostic Cross (Sun Cross)