Religion In India

Religion in India Fast Facts

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  • Hindu 80.5%
  • Muslim 13.4%
  • Christian 2.3%
  • Sikh 1.9%
  • Other 1.8%
  • Unspecified 0.1%

Summary of Religion in India

India’s constitution declares that Indian citizens have religious freedom.

India has a profound religious heritage due in part to it being the home to four major world religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

As opposed to some countries in Asia, the majority of Indians claim and practice a religion today, and most identify with Hinduism. Approximately 80% of India’s 1 billion people are Hindus.

Islam is the next largest religion. India has the third most Muslims of any country in the world.  

Christianity and Sikhism each comprise less than 5% of the Indian population.

And despite India being their birthplace, adherents to Buddhism and Jainism are statistically less than 1 of the population.

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