Symbols of Scientology

Scientology symbols

Name: Scientology symbol

The official Scientology website explains the main Scientology symbol as follows:

The Scientology symbol is an S imposed over two triangles. The S stands for Scientology. The two triangles represent important concepts in the Scientology religion. The lower triangle is made up of affinity, reality and communication, which together equate to understanding. The top triangle consists of another set of closely interrelated factors — knowledge, responsibility and control. {1}

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Name: Scientology cross

In answer to the question "What is the Scientology cross?" the official Scientology website explains:

It is an eight-pointed cross representing the eight parts or dynamics of life through which each individual is striving to survive.... To be able to live happily with respect to each of these spheres of existence is symbolized by the Scientology cross. As a matter of interest, the cross as a symbol predates Christianity. {2}

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