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Please look at the Table of Contents for what symbols are included in this document:

Table of Contents

1. Asatru – Horn of Odin

16. Jainism – Ahisma Hand

2. Bahai – Ringstone

17. Jehovah’s Witness – The Watchtower

3. Buddhism – Colors

18. Judaism – Menorah

4. Buddhism – Wheel

19. Judaism - Star of David

5. Cao Dai – The Divine Eye

20. Mormonism – Moroni

6. Christianity – The Cross

21. Nation of Islam – Flag

7. Christianity – Ichthys

22. Rastafarian – The Lion of Judah

8. Confucianism – Water

23. Satanism – Downward Pentagram

9. Eckankar – Ek

24. Scientology – Cross

10. Falun Gong - Wheel

25. Shinto – Torri

11. Hinduism – Lotus

26. Sikhism – Khanda

12. Hinduism – Om

27. Taoism – Yin Yang

13. Hinduism – Swastika

28. Unification Church – Main Symbol

14. Islam – Allah

29. Wicca - Pentacle

15. Islam – Star and Crescent

30. Zoroastrianism – Faravahar

Please look at an example image, which is of the Asatru symbol. Likewise, every religious symbol on this chart is alloted, and formatted on, an 8"x11" piece of paper and includes information like "origin," "meaning," "present use" and more. The document downloads in a PDF file. The order button is below.

rastafari lion


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