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Rastafarian Sects (Mansions)

There are three main sects (known as "houses" or "mansions") of Rastafari today: Nyahbinghi Order; Bobo Shanti; and the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

All houses agree on the basic principles of the divine status of Haile Selassie and the importance of black images of divinity. Many Rastafari do not belong to any mansion; the movement as a whole is loosely defined and organized.

  • Bobo Shanti

    Bobo Shanti was founded by Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards in Jamaica in the 1950s. "Bobo" means black and "Shanti" refers to the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, from which this sect believes Jamaican slaves are descended... full article →
  • Nyahbinghi Order

    The Nyahbinghi Order (a.k.a. Theocratic Priesthood and Livity Order of Nyabinghi) of Rastafarians is named for Queen Nyahbinghi of Uganda, who fought against colonialists in the 19th century... full article →
  • Twelve Tribes of Israel (Rastafarian Order)

    The Twelve Tribes of Israel order of Rastafarianism was founded in 1968 by Dr. Vernon "Prophet Gad" Carrington. It is the most liberal of the Rastafarian orders and members are free to worship in a church of their choosing... full article →