Britney Spears

"I read the Kabbalah books and I meditate on them ... They are all in Hebrew. I don't understand everything. But it's kind of OK that you don't. ... Kevin isn't into it as intensely as I am. For some reason I'm thirsting for it. But he looks at the books every once in a while." - Elle, October 2005

A Spears spokeswoman confirms the story. "Britney was introduced to Kabbalah through her friendship with Madonna," the rep tells the Scoop. "She is now learning more about it." (Is Madonna converting Britney Spears to Kabbalah? MSNBC/September 11, 2003 By Jeanette Walls )

But not long ago, Spears publicly ditched the mystical offshoot of Judaism, writing on her Web site: “I no longer study Kabbalah, my baby is my religion."

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