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published: 1/30/07
updated: 2/9/14

Neopagan Paths

Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon, a prominent figure in Druidism. Photo: Tom Goskar.

Different Kinds of Neo-Paganism

Neopaganism tends not to be organized or dogmatic and many Pagans do not identify with any particular strand of Neopaganism, instead drawing from the beliefs and rituals of more than one tradition. But many do join a specific tradition that they find most meaningful as their main focus, such as Wicca, Asastru or Druidism.

Some Neopagans are Reconstructionists, meaning that they seek to faithfully recreate the pagan religion of a particular group, such as the ancient Greeks, Celts, or Egyptians. Reconstructionists tend to disapprove of eclecticism, personal adaptation and modern trends in favor of academic accuracy and authenticity.

This section provides information on some of the major sects or "paths" within Neopaganism.

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