Neo Paganism and Wicca

Neo-Paganism (also spelled Neopaganism and also known as Paganism) is a religion that emphasizes ancient pagan religious traditions and reverence for nature. This religion takes a variety of forms known as "paths," which range from Wicca, which focuses on spells and goddess worship, to Hellenic Polytheism, which seeks to revive Greek paganism in an academically accurate form. While this belief system was more commonplace in the ancient world, it has experienced a resurrgence in parts of the modern world, mostly in the West. (See Wicca)

When it comes to Neo Paganism and Wicca, many people have questions like: What do Wiccans believe in God or gods? What do they believe about the universe, people, the spiritual realm, and the afterlife? What are their values, traditions, and ethics? Who are their teachers, leaders, and followers? And what is their history? Serious students of religion will also want to know how Wicca is the same as, and different from, other major world religions.

The table of contents below will direct you to various topics on Neo Paganism and Wicca, from their beliefs to comparison charts to their holidays and more. (Note: Category headings go to the home page for that subject.)

Neo Paganism and Wicca beliefs, practices, and more

Neopaganism Most Popular Pages


Comparison Chart: Wicca vs, Christianity

Neopaganism Basics

Neopagan Charts

Glossary of Wiccan terms


Timeline of Neo Paganism

Five Elements of Nature

Comparison Chart: Wicca vs Christianity

Neopagan handfasting
Implements for a Neopagan handfasting (wedding) ceremony. Photo: sparktography.

Neopagan Paths

Neopagan Festivals

Asatru (Heathenry)

Hellenic Polytheism

Kemetic Reconstructionism




Neopagan Ethics

Neopagan Beliefs

Learn about morality in the
Neo Paganism and Wiccan belief system.

Learn about what Wiccans believe about
the earth, people, spirituality, and more.

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