Chart of the Wiccan Elements of Nature

Yule Altar with Four Elements
Yule altar with elemental candles. Photo: Jeff.

Elements of Nature in Wicca

A fundamental aspect of Wiccan belief is the set of Four or Five Elements of Nature. Some hold to the earlier Greek conception of the four classical elements (air, fire, water, earth), while others recognize five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and spirit (akasha).

Some see the points of the pentagram symbol as representing the five elements. The elements are commonly invoked at the beginning of rituals or used in their physical forms to symbolically purify the ritual circle. Each element has associated symbols, rituals and meanings, which are outlined in the chart below. (Note: Systems of the elements vary by tradition and the associations below are not used by all Wiccans.)







Celtic Name airt deas iar tuath aethyr


East South West North Center


yellow red blue green violet, white or black


wand athame chalice pentacle circle, cauldron


mornings noon twilight midnight all times
Season spring summer autumn winter all seasons
GoddessMaidenMother Crone Dark all deities


mind, intellect, reason, sciences, travel, youth strength, passion, energy, transformation, will, sex, energy emotions, intuition, daring, wisdom, clarity, healing stability, order, grounding, silence, birth, death, beginnings, endings, fertility immanence and transcendence, everything and nothing
Ritual Representations incense incense, candles water salt, soil fulfilled by presence of practitioners and deities

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