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published: 10/18/05
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Timeline of Mormonism

Dec. 23, 1805 Birth of Joseph Smith in Sharon, Vermont
1820 God and Jesus appear to 14-year-old Joseph Smith in the "First Vision"
1823 Joseph Smith discovers golden plates
1827 Joseph Smith marries Emma Hale Smith
April 6, 1830 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded by Joseph Smith
1838 Massacre at Haun's Mill
1843 Joseph Smith runs for President of the United States
1843 A special revelation introduces polygamy, which is called the "Law of Abraham," "Patriarchal Order of Marriage," or "Celestial Plural Marriage." Along with the "Law of Abraham" went the "Law of Sarah," in which women were admonished to accept polygamy. Joseph Smith assigns some women to some men.
1844 Joseph Smith killed by a mob
1847 Brigham Young establishes the First Presidency

1850 James Strang crowned as "king"
1856 James Strang is shot and killed
1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre
1860 Joseph Smith III claims to receive a revelation as Prophet/President of a "New Organization" of the Latter Day Saint church. Eventually this group gathered together many of the remnants of the various Midwestern Latter Day Saint groups into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, now called the "Community of Christ."
1882 Edmunds Act outlaws polygamy
1978 A special revelation discontinues racism
2002 "Reform Mormonism" founded


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