Mormon Symbols - LDS

LDS signs and images

Name: The Angel Moroni

The angel Moroni is important to Mormon history and belief. According to Mormon teaching, Moroni revealed religious truth to Joseph Smith. Moroni wrote in, and protected, the golden plates used to create the Book of Mormon.

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Name: "CTR" Ring

"CTR" stands for "Choose the Right," and is often depicted on a special ring worn by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The phrase, which encourages righteous living according to Mormon theology, is central to the teaching of Mormon youth.

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Name: The "Beehive"

The "beehive" has been used as a religious symbol since the Roman Empire. The symbolism of a beehive in Mormonism finds its roots in the Book of Mormon, which teaches that during the construction of the Tower of Babel a group called the Jaredites came to America. "Deseret," meaning "honeybee" in the Jaredite language, was the proposed name for "Utah" by early Mormons. The beehive is a state symbol in Utah today. See Mormon beliefs


Name: The Book of Mormon

The image of the Book of Mormon is considered a symbol of the religion because of it's easily recognizable color, text, and size.

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Name: "Jesus Christ" by Del Parson

This image of Jesus Christ, which hangs in every Mormon church, was painted by Del Parsons, an American painter from Ogden, Utah and a graduate of BYU. Parsons was commissioned by the LDS church to create the painting in 1983. The image depicts an English-American looking Jesus with characteristic skin color, hair style, and dress. See Mormonism beliefs about Jesus Christ