The Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father in Mormonism

"The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's; the Son also..."
--Doctrine and Covenants, 130:22

Like most monotheistic religions, Mormons regard God as the all-powerful, all-good ruler of the universe who also loves and cares for humans. 1

Mormonism is unique, however, in its belief that God has a physical body. This belief is based on several biblical passages - such as those in which Moses speaks to God "face to face" or Stephen sees Jesus standing at the right hand of God - as well as divine revelation to Joseph Smith. 2

Mormons commonly refer to God the Father as "Heavenly Father," because "he is the Father of our spirits." 3


  1. "What is God like?"
  2. "We are created in God's image."
  3. "God, our Heavenly Father."

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