Table of Showbread

What was the Table of Showbread?

In the tabernacle, the table of showbread is to be distinguished from the altar of incense. It has become the fashion of the newer criticism to deny the existence of the altar of incense in preexilic times, and to explain the allusion to it in 1 Kings 6:20 as the table of showbread (so in Ezekiel 41:22). The other references (1 Kings 6:22 ; 1 Kings 7:48 ; 1 Kings 9:25 ) are dismissed as interpolations. The procedure is radically vicious. The table of showbread is not an "altar," though the altar is once spoken of as a "table" (Ezekiel 41:22 ). There was only one altar of incense (1 Kings 6:20 ), but (in 2 Chronicles 4:8 ) ten tables of showbread.


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