Messianic Bible Translations

What are Messianic Bible Translations?

Messianic Bible translations are English-language Christian Bibles that used in Messianic Judaism, with is a branch of Christianity. Messianic Judaism is a Christian movement that recognizes Jesus Christ as the foretold Messiah. Adherents seek to maintain a high level of Jewish law, tradition, and culture in their religious expression. Messianic Bible translations are produced for use in this movement. (See Jesus Christ here.)

Messianic Bible translations include the New Testament as well as the Hebrew Bible (i.e. the Christian "Old Testament"). These translations have no association with Jewish English Bible translations. Below you fill find summaries of Messianic Bible translations.

Complete Jewish Bible

Other names for this translation include: "The Jewish New Testament." The textual basis for this translation is the Masoretic text for the Old Testament and the original Greek for the New Testament. The translation philosophy is "paraphrase." (For more on translation philosophies see Bible translations home page.)

The translation consisted of both David Stern's updated rendition of the Old Testament in addition to his original Jewish New Testament translation in one volume. The Old Testament is a paraphrase of the 1917 Jewish Publication Society version, though scholar Bruce Metzger notes that where Stern disagreed with the JPS version he translated from the Masoretic Text. (See the New Testament here.)

Stern uses the names of the Old Testament books in the Jewish Bible, rather than those of typical Christian Bibles. He replaces Hebrew names for people and places, such as Eliyahu for "Elijah", and Sha'ul for "Saul." The translation also includes Hebrew and Yiddish expressions that Stern refers to as "Jewish English", such as matzah for "unleavened bread" and mikveh for "ritual immersion pool".

Stern noted that his purpose for producing the Complete Jewish Bible was "to restore God's Word to its original Jewish context and culture as well as be in easily read modern English." This translation was intended for use in Messianic congregations.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible

The Orthodox Jewish Bible, completed by Philip Goble in 2002, is an English-laguage paraphrase of the Christian Bible that applies Yiddish and Hasidic cultural expressions to the Messianic Bible.

Heinz Cassirer's translation

Heinz Cassirer believed that Jesus of Nazareth was the long-promised Jewish Messiah. After his escape from Nazi Germany, he translated the New Testament, which was named "God's New Covenant: A New Testament Translation."

Tree of Life Bible

The Tree of Life Bible is a Messianic Bible translation. It consists of only the New Testament, yet it is sometimes coupled with various editions of the Hebrew Bible (i.e. the Christian "Old Testament").


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