Mamre in the Old Testament

Genesis 13:18 refers to "the plain (rather the oaks or terebinths) of Mamre"; Gen. 14:13,24, brother of Eshcol, friend and ally of Abraham.

The chieftain had planted the terebinths, or was associated with them as his tenting place; so "the oak of Deborah" (Judg. 4:5).

Mamre was less than a mile from Hebron (Josephus, B. J. 4:9, section 7); but Robinson makes it two Roman miles off, now the hill er Rameh. Constantine, to suppress the superstitions veneration to the terebinths, erected a basilica or church on the spot.

That it was on an elevation appears from the record that Machpelah faces it (Gen. 23:17-19; 25:9). Abram resided under the oak grove shade in the interval between his stay at Bethel and at Beersheba (Gen. 13:18; 18:1; 20:1; 21:31).

If Machpelah be on the N.E. side of the Hebron valley, then Mamre as "facing it" must have been on the opposite slope, where the governor's house now is.


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