Who was Bathsheba?

In the Hebrew Bible or Christian Old Testament, Bathsheba was the daughter of Eliam (2 Samuel 11:3 ) or Ammiel (1 Chronicles 3:5 ); both names have the same meaning. She was the beautiful wife of Uriah the Hittite, and because of her beauty was forced by David to commit adultery (2 Samuel 11:2; Ps 51). Her husband Uriah was treacherously killed by the order of David (2 Samuel 11:6 ).

After the death of her husband David made her his wife and she lived with him in the palace (2 Samuel 11:27 ). Four sons sprang from this marriage (2 Samuel 5:14 ; 1 Chronicles 3:5 ), after the first child, the adulterine, had died (2 Samuel 12:14 ). With the help of the prophet Nathan she renders futile the usurpation of Adonijah and craftily secures the throne for her son Solomon (1 Kings 1:11 ).

Later Adonijah succeeds in deceiving Bath-sheba, but his plan is frustrated by the king (1 Kings 2:13 ). According to Jewish tradition, Prov 31 is written by Solomon in memory of his mother. In the genealogy of Jesus (Mt 16) Bath-sheba is mentioned as the former wife of Uriah and the mother of Solomon by David


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