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The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics

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  • Light and Darkness (Primitive)

    Among the lower races the nature and origin of light and darkness gave rise to many questions, and the answers to these are found in a great variety of myths... full article →
  • Lycanthropy

    The word • lycanthropy is used in two senses. (1) It may indicate merely a form of madness in which the patient imagines that he is an animal, especially a wolf, and acts as such... full article →
  • Mask

    A mask may be defined as a moulded surface, representing the anterior half of a head and face, and usually worn over the face of a person. Further significations are the cast taken from the face of a dead person and the parallel form in sculpture—the front half of a human head and face preserved—and the head of a fox... full article →
  • Matrcheta

    Matrcheta is the name ofa Buddhist author, identified by the Tibetan historian of Buddhism, Taranatha, with A6vagho§a, concerning whom and the identification itself see art... full article →
  • Matter

    In metaphysics matter is one of the ultimate principles or 'substances' of which phenomena are appearances or manifestations (dualism), or the sole substance in terms of which the universe is ultimately to be explained (materialistic monism, or materialism [g... full article →
  • Mimamsa

    Mimamsa in Sanskrit signifies "investigation,” "explanation." The word is usually employed as the title of one of the six systems of philosophy recognized as orthodox by the Brahmans... full article →
  • Minotaur

    1. The myth. Minotaur (6 Mtfc£raitpos, 6Tavpos 6 MIvta KaXovfievos,1 ' the Minos- bull ' or ' bull of Minos') is in Greek myth the offspring of Queen Pasiphae's union with a bull, and is represented as a man with a bull's head and tail... full article →