Articles of the Jewish Faith

What does Judaism teach and believe?

The Jewish religion doesn't have an official creed. Jewish beliefs are articulated and observed by followers of the faith through the reading of the sacred texts of Judaism, like the Torah.

However, the great 12th-century Rabbi Maimonides put together "13 Articles of Faith" that he believed every Jew ought to believe. These beliefs have been widely accepted as a proper expression of the Jewish faith and they still appear in Jewish prayer books today.

So while it is not necessary to believe all of these articles to be Jewish - and in fact many Jews would likely question one or more of the articles - they serve as a good general summary of religious Judaism.

The 13 Articles of Faith

Articles 1- 5 articulate truth about God, according to Jewish beliefs

1. God exists

2. God is one and unique

3. God is incorporeal

4. God is eternal

5. Prayer is to God only

Articles 6 and 7 concern prophets in Jewish history

6. The prophets spoke truth

7. Moses was the greatest of the prophets

Articles 8 and 9 refer to the sacred texts of Judaism

8. The Written and Oral Torah were given to Moses

9. There will be no other Torah

Articles 10 and 11 refer to humanity in Judaism

10. God knows the thoughts and deeds of men

11. God will reward the good and punish the wicked

Article 12 refer to the coming Anointed One of Israel

12. The Messiah will come

Article 13 refers to end times judgement

13. The dead will be resurrected