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Image: Capital: Three Women Meet the Risen Christ

Capital: Three Women Meet the Risen Christ

Capital on the second pier from the west in the north arcade, depicting the Risen Christ, c.1112. On the main part of the capital, a robed Christ with a cruciform halo stands with his hands raised. He has a beard and a fine French mustache; his ear is large and deeply carved. His gaze is otherwordly, but directed towards the left face of the capital, shown here, where three women carry vases. Two of them are talking to each other, while a third (almost certainly Mary Magdalene) gazes up at Christ. The raised hands represent his command, "Do not hold on to me" (noli me tangere in Latin). On the right face of the capital, not seen here, a cheerful angel sits on the empty tomb while three women look on in astonishment.

credit: Holly Hayes / EdStockPhoto