Ground Zero Mosque

What is the Ground Zero Mosque?

The Ground Zero mosque, also called Park51, is proposed community center for the Islamic religion. The controversy surrounding it stems from the fact the site is two blocks from where the World Trade Center towers stood prior to September 11, 2001.

The center would host prayer meetings (which is has since 2009) for Muslims, and also basketball games, a culinary school, a food court, and a memorial to those who died on in the terrorists attacks. The facility used to contain a Burlington Coat Factory, which was damaged when part of the hijacked airliners fell through the roof of the building.

Critics contend the community center would symbolize victory for Islamic extremism. Supporters cite the First Amendment.

Polls reveal that most Americans and New Yorkers oppose the establishment of the community center in that location.

In July 2010, the New York Times reported that American adults oppose the building of the community center in that location by a margin of 54% to 20%.

Fox News reported that Democrats opposed it 56% to 38%, Republicans opposed it 76% to 17%, and Independents 53% to 41%.

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