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Islam is the largest religion in the world, and by some measurements, the fastest growing. As a monotheistic faith that originated in the Middle East, Islam has many similarities in belief and practice with Judaism and Christianity, which originated there as well. To some, Judaism, Islam and Christianity are collectively known as "Abrahamic religions" because they each trace their history to the covenant God made with Abraham in the Hebrew Bible.

To others, this "shared history" is an overly simplistic interpretation of these religions, recognizing that there is much more to the story of each faith. These religions, when studied with depth and precision, show themselves to be quite different from one another in several important ways, including in key beliefs and behaviors.

The Prophet Muhammad met both Jews and Christians during his lifetime, and Islam has come into frequent contact with both of these religions throughout its history. As it spread and expanded, Islam has also met with Hinduism in India and with Buddhism in Indonesia. The charts below provide a quick glance of the ways in which Islam differs from other major world religions, and the ways in which it is similar. Also included is a comparison charts of sects within Islam.

Comparisons Charts

Comparison Chart: Sunni and Shia Islam

Sunni and Shia are the two main sects in the Islamic religion numerically. Approximately 90% of Muslims worldwide are Sunni and around 10% are Shia. Sunnis and Shias have some similarities and some differences. Understanding their different interpretations of Islamic history is important to understanding their different convictions and their different ways of life today.

It is important to understand the differences between Sunni and Shia in order to know more about the world and current events. For example, Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni and Iran is mostly Shia.

Comparison Chart: Islam, Judaism and Christianity

How are the three "Abrahamic Faiths" the same and yet different? This comparison chart helps to begin to answer that question. The chart organizes information about history, theology, sacred texts, worship, statistics and much more. The chart also has links to in-depth articles on each subject.

Comparison Chart: Islam and Zoroastrianism

Compare Islam with this ancient Persian faith.

Comparison Chart: Islam and over 40 other religions

The link takes you to the "Big Religion Chart," which compares and contrasts over 40 different world religions and worldviews. Discover differences and similarities with regard to beliefs, practices, texts, history, symbols, and much more. The chart also has links to in-depth articles on each subject.

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