Pilates Equipment

Created over 90 years ago, Pilates (pih-lah'-tees) was first popular with dancers and has now achieved worldwide acclaim from people who want well-toned, lean bodies. Although it is much, much newer than the ancient practice of yoga, many find the physical workout and mental focus provided by Pilates to be an excellent complement to a yoga practice.

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iconicon Pilates Performer icon

You can own your own stowable Pilates Performer for the cost of a few private Pilates classes. With 32 Pilates resistance moves, you can safely move in greater comfort and with an improved form. Three resistance cords offer four levels of training; oversized shoulder pads cushion your neck and shoulders. Includes a beginner-level workout video and a workout wall chart.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon Pilates BodyRing and DVD icon

Shape and tone with body-sculpting Pilates mat exercises and lean-muscle shaping resistance training using our flexible metal workout ring BodyRingT. Pilates instructors Ana Cabán and Madeline Lewis guide you in two effective, efficient DVD routines to target and isolate core muscles and your lower body. Suitable for beginning and advanced practitioners.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon GYROTONIC® Transformer® icon

With 70 body-sculpting exercises and three levels of resistance, this patented machine can create a gentle or vigorous aerobic workout, depending on your chosen level of speed and intensity. Includes instructional 34-minute VHS and wall chart. Heavy-duty steel frame construction, padded seat, sports-specific attachments. Folds for easy storage.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon Pilates BodyBandsT Kit icon

Start resisting: Our stretchy Pilates BodyBandsT and included workout DVD (40 minutes) with Ana Caban add resistance to hone in on trouble zones and make fast work of sculpting arms, legs and torso. BodyBand Kit includes three BodyBands, 4'L x 6"W, each with increasing resistance.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon Pilates Body Roller Challenge icon

Amplify the body-shaping effects of Pilates. The strategically designed, nonslip Body Roller tool guides your spine and entire body into optimal alignment to help make essential moves more efficient and effective. Includes 30-minute workout DVD with certified Pilates instructor Alyssa Kahn. Suitable for beginning and advanced practitioners.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon Premium Pilates Mat icon

Give your bones, joints and pressure points the extra cushioning you need for the rigors of Pilates mat work with our exclusive double-thick Premium Pilates Mat. It's twice as thick as a standard workout or yoga mat. The beveled edge keeps it in place.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon Pilates Barrel icon

Make your next mat workout even more challenging with a tool to enhance your home practice. A replica of original Pilates studio equipment, the Pilates Barrel is designed to open the upper back to enhance flexibility and correct posture and to help you access specific Pilates exercises that target core muscle groups. Instructional video includes a variety of beginning to advanced exercises to target the entire body.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

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