Hindu and Eastern-Inspired Home Décor

For more specific Hindu art and decor, such as statues and paintings of gods and goddess, see the Hinduism Store home page.

Inner Peace Sculpture

The beautiful shape and quality craftsmanship of this lovely sculpture serves as a gentle reminder to find inner peace and balance throughout the day. Crafted in Thailand from resins and hand painted by local artisans, it complements any meditation or relaxation room.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

Chakra Crystalicon Chakra Crystal

Meticulously crafted and designed by a small family-owned company, these very special crystals fill your space with a spectrum refracted through deeply colored Swarovski crystal. Rainbow-hued Chakra reflects the seven colors of the chakras, the energy centers of the body. Each comes with story card.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

Lotus Crystal

Symbolizing the sacred lotus, which blooms even in difficult conditions, our crystal sculpture can serve as a reminder of your own inner strength. This multi-faceted piece also draws prosperity and romance, according to the ancient art of Feng Shui. icon
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

Sun Salutations Clock icon

With 12 hours in the modern day clock and 12 asanas in the ancient sun salutation series, our Sun Salutation Yoga Clocks connect modern and ancient reflections of time.They also serve as a handy guide to the pose sequence. Battery-operated. 6"H x 8˝". Base is made of solid cherry wood. Includes pose guide brochure.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

iconicon Silk Pillows icon

Add a dramatic touch to any bedroom décor with these luxurious raw-silk pillows. Feather-down fill with a cotton casing. Button Pillow (16"W x 16"H) in raspberry with persimmon piping. Bolster (13"W x 5"D) available in persimmon with mulberry ends.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

Copper Chakra Fountain

Water cascading down our seven-bowl fountain symbolizes the seven chakras, the energy centers of the body and part of what makes you so wonderfully complex. Handcrafted solid copper will oxidize over time into a verdigris patina. Includes quiet, internally wired adjustable-flow pump.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

Silk Zafu Pillow

These meditation essentials are simply too beautiful to stow away when company arrives. Raw silk features sensual colors and is accentuated with a tiny yoga charm. Zafu (20" round) is filled with kapok, a breathable natural fiber; raw silk shell. Raspberry or persimmon.
120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination

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