Vishnu Paintings

Vishnu is one of the principal gods of Hinduism. In statues and paintings, Vishnu has four arms: one holds a conch shell (sankha) indicating spread of the divine sound "Om"; one holds a wheel (chakra), a reminder of the wheel of time and to lead a good life; one holds a lotus (padma) which is an example of glorious existence; and the fourth hands holds a mace (gada) indicating the power and the punishing capacity of the Lord if discipline in life is ignored. Vishnu's vehicle is the swift-flying bird Garuda that can spread the Vedic knowledge with great courage. He rests on the bed of the powerful, coiled serpent with 1000 head, Seshanag who represents the sleeping universe. His consort Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Learn more in our article on Vishnu.

The Vishnu paintings below are all hand crafted and one-of-a-kind — click on an image for larger view and product information (offsite). You may also be interested in Vishnu Sculptures.

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