Catholic Scapulars and Scapular Medals

A scapular (from Latin scapula, "shoulder") is a religious pendant of cloth worn under the clothing in Roman Catholic devotion. Scapulars are usually adorned with an image of a saint and come in a variety of colors. Scapulars have their historical origins in larger, tunic-like garments that were once worn by Roman Catholic monks, which were then adapted for the use of the Roman Catholic laity. Today, most scapulars are in the form of medals worn as a necklace. Certain scapulars have been endowed with various indulgences by the pope or other church authority, and are thus believed to provide their pious wearers with such benefits as earthly protection, divine forgiveness, eternal life, and release from purgatory.

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This Catholic store offers more than a dozen different scapular medals.

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This giant online outlet store has about 20 different kinds of scapulars, most of which are medals. Simply type scapular in the search box at the top of the page.

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This Catholic store offers a wide variety of scapulars in gold, silver and leather.

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