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Baptism is perhaps the most important ritual in Christianity. Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christians all recognize baptism as a sacrament (a sacred ritual commanded by Christ himself) and believe baptism to provide grace, salvation, and membership in the Christian community. No matter when baptism takes place or how it is performed, it is a joyful time and an occasion for giving gifts to the one who is baptized or to the proud parents.

Featured Baptism Gifts

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Baptism Gifts and Products at

This giant online outlet store has over 200 baptism-related products, including some unique gifts and party favors like cross-shaped cookies, baptism T-shirts, personalized frames, figurines and lots more. Simply type "baptism" in the search box at the top of the page.

baptism products at

Baptism Gifts at

Believe it or not, the world's hugest online bookstore is a great place for baptism supplies and gifts, due to Amazon's expansion into many products besides books and its partnership with thousands of other merchants. They have as many as 20 baptismal medals and charms as well as several gifts for baby's christening.

Baptism Gifts and Supplies at Aquinas and More

This Catholic store has more than 60 products related to baptism, including greeting cards, pewter baptism crosses, baptismal calendars, baptism certificates, and lots more.

Baptism Gifts at The Catholic Company

This Catholic store offers several books and gifts related to baptism, including a Precious Moments baptism Bible.

Baptism Gifts at

This Greek Orthodox store has handmade baptistical pins and several Byzantine icons of Christ's baptism.

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