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Article Info:
published: 3/31/13
updated: 2/27/14

Anglican Churches

The Community of Anglican Associating Bodies

Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral

A branch of the Christian religion, The Anglican Communion is an organization of autonomous national churches connected with the Church of England, which has its roots in the 16th century Protestant Reformation.

Anglicanism or Episcopalianism is the general form of doctrine, worship and structure based on the tradition of the Church of England, which extends beyond membership in the Anglican Communion.

Anglicanism is characterized by a via media (middle way) between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Anglicans are not subject to the Pope and are Protestant in most areas of doctrine, but Anglicans also retain many Catholic forms of worship, including a hierarchy based on bishops (which is the meaning of the world "Episcopalian").

Church bodies that have some connection with Anglican Christian denomination are placed into one of the following categories.

Churches of the Anglican Communion

Anglican churches (by province) in communion with the See of Canterbury. There are currently 38 provinces in this category, including the Church of England, the Anglican Church of Australia, and the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. See below for the complete list.

Churches in Full Communion

This category was defined by the 1958 Lambeth Conference. It consists of those churches in full communion with the See of Canterbury, but which are not culturally or denominationally Anglican. Examples include the Old Catholic Church of Germany and the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of India.

Churches Not in Communion

These are the denominations liturgically and culturally most similar to the member churches of the Anglican Communion, but who have usually broken away from the Anglican church because of disagreement over some doctrinal issue, and the property of not being in communion with Canterbury is part of their identity. Examples include the Anglican Catholic Church, the Anglican Church in America, and the Continuing Church of England.

List of Churches of the Anglican Communion
  • Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
  • Anglican Church of Australia
  • Anglican Church of Canada
  • Anglican Church of Kenya
  • Anglican Church of Korea
  • Anglican Church of Mexico
  • Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
  • Anglican Church of the Region of Central America
  • Anglican Church of the Province of the Southern Cone (South America)
  • Church in Wales
  • Church of England
  • Church of Ireland
  • Church of Nigeria
  • Church of North India
  • Church of South India
  • Church of Uganda
  • Church of the Province of Burundi
  • Church of the Province of Central Africa
  • Church of the Province of Melanesia
  • Church of the Province of Myanmar
  • Church of the Province of Rwanda
  • Church of the Province of South East Asia
  • Church of the Province of Southern Africa
  • Church of the Province of Tanzania
  • Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
  • Church of the Province of the West Indies
  • Church of the Province of West Africa
  • Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
  • Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  • Episcopal Church of Brazil
  • Episcopal Church of Cuba
  • Episcopal Church of the Sudan
  • Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
  • Lusitanian Church of Portugal
  • Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Japan)
  • Philippine Episcopal Church
  • Scottish Episcopal Church
  • Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church

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