Comparison Chart of Protestant Denominations

Chart of American Protestantism




Date founded



Wisconsin Synod 1850   Considered the most conservative branch of Lutheranism in America.
Lutheran Churches of Calvary Grace     Formed when missionary churches established by Roger Eyman merged.
Lutheran Bretheren      
Evangelical Lutheran Synod 1917   Formed by conservative Lutherans of Norwegian heritage who refused to participate in the creation of the Norwegian American Lutheran Church.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 1988   Formed when three Lutheran groups merged: the Lutheran Church in America, the American Lutheran Church, and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches. This is the largest Lutheran denomination in America.
Evangelical Free Church of America 1895 140,000 Tracing its history to the Scandinavian Free Church movement, the EFCA is the result of a merge between the Evangelical Free Church of America (Swedish) and the Evangelical Free Church Association (Norwegian-Danish).
Missouri Synod 1847   The major representative of confessional Lutheranism.
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations 1963   The AFLC formed when conservative members refused to be part of a merger with the American Lutheran Church.
Church of the Lutheran Confession 1960   Formed by the merger of conservative Lutheran congregations.
Church of the Lutheran Bretheren of America 1900   Formed when several churches with connections to the Lutheran Free Church of Norway merged.
Lutheran Churches of the Reformation 1964   The LCR was founded when some believed liberal ideas were taking root in the Missouri Synod.




Date Founded



Mennonite Churches

Mennonite Church 1683    
Amish 1693    
Missionary Church 1969    
Mennonite Bretheren in North America 1860    

Bretheren Churches

Church of the Bretheren 1719    
Bretheren Church 1882    
Ashland/ Grace 1939    
Bretheren in Christ 1863    
Hutterian Bretheren 1874    

Adventist Churches

Advent Christian 1844    
Seventh-Day Adventist 1860    

Baptist Churches

National Association German Baptist Conference 1840    
Baptist General Conference 1852    




Date Founded



Baptist Churches

Baptist 1609    

Separatist Baptist Churches

Separatists 1611    
General Association of General Baptists 1824   Formed among the United Baptist along the Ohio River. Came to believe that those who disagreed with the doctriine of predestination should not be members of their church.
Primitive Baptists 1827    
National Association of Free Will Baptists 1727   Founded upon the preaching of Paul Palmer, an Arminian who ministered in North Carolina.
United Free Will Baptists 1901    

Southern Baptist Churches

Southern Baptist Convention 1845 16 million Formed May 8, 1845 in Augusta, Georgia, separating from Northern Baptists over matters of slavery and denominational structure.
American Baptist Association 1905 250,000 Formed in Arkansas, a byproduct of Landmarkism, the ABA formed after it failed to overhaul the views of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Baptist Missionary Association of America 1950   Formed in 1950 by former members of the American Baptist Association. Continues to believe Baptists have an unbroken succession to the New Testament.
Baptist General Convention of Texas 1883   Long associated with the SBC, it voted to become an independent body in the 1990's.
Cooperative Baptist Fellwoship 1991   After failing to overhaul the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1980's, this group separated from them int he early 1990's.
Landmark Baptist 1857   Lead by J.R. Graves, Landmarkism emphasized the local church's role in missions. It also held that Baptist churches were the only true Christian churches, which had an unbroken succession to the New Testament.

Northern Baptist Churches

The New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches     The NTAIBC is a Baptist fellowship formed by disaffected members of the Conservative Baptist Association.
Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International     Disaffected memberrs of the CBA separated because of a concern of conservative Baptists cooperating with liberal Baptist groups.
General Association of Regular Baptists 1932 130,000 Founded in May 1932, GARB churches emphasize that they are an association (not a convention) who holds to premillenniali eschatology and the Baptist New Hampshire Confession of Faith (1833).
Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America 1993   Disaffected members of the GARB founded this fellowship over disagreements pertaining to apostacy.
Conservative Baptist Association 1947 1,200 churhces Formed in 1947 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, CBA churches are mostly found in the northern and western U.S. Parted ways with Northern Baptists after attempts to create doctrinal standards for missionaries failed.
American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. 1907 1.4 million Formerly known as the Northern Baptist Convention from 1907 to 1950, and the American Baptist Convention from 1950-1972, ABC churches are generally evangelical.
Minnesota Baptist Association 1948   In 1948 the MBC voted to separate from the Northern Baptist Convention.

African American Baptist

National Baptist Convention of the U.S.A., Inc. 1895   Formed by merging educational and publishing organizations. The oldest national Baptist group that ministers predominantly to African Americans.
National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Saving Assembly of the U.S.A. 1936   Group started in the NBCUSA but became independent in 1936.
National Missionary Baptist Convention of America     Born out of a dispute with the National Baptist Convention of America over their publishing house.
Progressive National Baptist Convention     The PNBC formed after the NBCUSA refused to formally support Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement.
National Baptist Convention of America     Born out of a dispute with the NBCUSA over their publishing house.

Protestant Episcopal Churches

Protestant Episcopal      

Methodist Churches

Methodist 1739    
African Methodist Episcopal 1796 2.5 million African American members of John's Street Church in New York City left the body because of racial discrimination and started their own fellowship.
Wesleyan Methodist 1843    
Free Methodist 1860    
AME-Zion 1813    
Reformed Zion Union Apostolic 1869    
Salvation Army 1860    
Pilgrim Holiness 1890    
Church of God in Christ 1897    
United Methodist 1939    
Church of God (Anderson)      
Nazarene 1909    

Pentecostal Churches

Pentecostal Movement 1906    
Assemblies of God 1914    
Pentecostal Holiness 1898    
United Pentecostal 1914    




Date Founded



Dutch Reformed Churches

Dutch Reformed Church in America 1628    
Christian Reform Church 1857    
Reformed Church in America 1867    
Protestant Reformed Churches in America 1926    

Churches of Christ

Christians (Stone) 1801    
Disciples of Christ (Campbell) 1809    
Disciples of Christ      
Churches of Christ      
Christian Church 1832    
Churches of Christ 1900    

German Reformed Churches

German Reformed Church 1793    
Churches of God in North America 1826    
Reformed Churches in the USA 1869    
United Church in Christ 1957    

Presbyterian Branch

Puritan Churches

Puritians 1628    


American Unitarian Association 1825    
Congregational Christian Churches 1931    

Other Presbyterian Churches

Cumberland Presbyterian 1810    
Association of Reformed Presbyterian Churches 1822    
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 1833    
Presbyterian Church in the USA 1861    
Presbyterian Church of America 1973    
Presbyterian Church; USA 1870    
UP-USA 1958