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Amplified Bible

What is the Amplified Bible?

The Amplified Bible (AMP) is an English translation of the Bible, first published in 1965, by The Zondervan Corporation and The Lockman Foundation. The AMP is considered a revision of the American Standard Version (ASV) that was produced in 1901. The translation approach seeks to "amplify" the text using punctuation as well as other features to explain the meaning of the text. (Learn more about the American Standard Version here.)

The Amplified Bible translation was published in six separate stages: First, the Gospel of John was published in 1954. Then the New Testament was published in 1958. Then the Old Testament Volume Two (Job-Malachi) was published in 1962. Then the Old Testament Volume One (Genesis-Esther) was published in 1964. Then the complete Bible was published in 1965. An updated Edition was published in 1987. The bulk of the work of producing the AMP was done by Frances Siewert.

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