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Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormonism Comparison Chart

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published: 10/22/13

Bible Powerpoints

Visual aids can be helpful in studying any religion, including Christianity. Powerpoints can improve a teacher's ability to teach and improve a student's ability to learn, whether the topic is the 10 Plagues of Egypt of the person of Jesus Christ.. The colors and designs can often enhance understanding and retention. Bible Powerpoints can either be shown as a slideshow or they can be printed out and stored in notebooks or handed out to students. The Bible Powerpoints below are available for immediate download. "The Passion Week" slide is available for free.


Bible Powerpoints Download

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Old Testament

New Testament

Slide #1: Old Testament Overview

Slide #16: New Testament Overview

old testament timeline image

new testament timeline

Slide #2: Flood of Noah Timeline

Slide #17: Gospels Summary

flood of noah image

gospels summary

Slide #3: Family Tree of the Patriarchs

Slide #18: Gospels Comparison

patriarch family tree

gospels comparison

Slide #4: The 10 Plagues of Egypt

Slide #19: New Testament Books Facts

10 plagues

NT books basics

Slide #5: The 10 Commandments

Slide #20: The 12 Apostles

10 commandments image

12 apostles

Slide #6: The Jewish Calendar

Slide #21: Prophecies Christ Fulfilled

jewish calendar

prophecies christ

Slide #7: Levitical Sacrifices

Slide #22: Chronology of Jesus' Life

levitical sacrifices

chronology of christ

Slide #8: Tabernacle Stationary Arrangement

Slide #23: Jesus' Miracles of Nature

tabernacle stationary

nature miracles

Slide #9: Tabernacle Marching Arrangement

Slide #24: Jesus' Miracles of Healing

tabernacle marching

healing miracles

Slide #10: Battles of Joshua

Slide #25: Passion Week

battles of joshua

passion week

Slide #11: The Battles of Judges

Slide #26: Paul's 1st Missionary Journey

battles of judges

pauls first missionary journey

Slide #12: The Battles of Saul

Slide #27: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey

battles of saul

pauls second missionary journey

Slide #13: The Kings of Israel and Judah

Slide #28: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey

kings of israel judah

pauls third missionary journey

Slide #14: The Return from Exile

Slide #29: Seven Churches of Revelation

return from exile

seven churches

Slide #15: Jewish Schools

Slide #30: Seals, Trumpets, and
Bowls of Revelation

jewish schools

seals trumpets bowls

Download all 30 for only $2.99

Download "Passion Week' slide for FREE

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By making this purchase, you agree to not reproduce these slides unless you are providing it to students under 18 years of age in academic settings, for which up to 25 copies can be made. Please contact us at for more information.

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