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published: 3/31/13

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Gomorrah in the Bible

Gomorrah in the Old Testament

File:Jordan River.jpg
The Jordan River
Gomorrah was one of the cities in the plain destroyed by fire from heaven in the time of Abraham and Lot (Gen 19:23-29).

It was located probably in the plain South of the Dead Sea, now covered with water.

De Saulcy, however, with others who place the Cities of the Plain at the North end of the Dead Sea, fixes upon Khumran (or Gumran), marked on the Survey Map of Palestine North of Ras Feshkeh, where there are ruins about a mile from the Dead Sea.

But there is nothing to support this view except the faint resemblance of the name and the inconclusive arguments placing the Cities of the Plain at that end of the sea.



International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, which is in the public domain (with minor edits).