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published: 3/31/13

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Antipatris in the Bible

Antipatris in the New Testament

paul raphael
Paul by Raphael

Antipatris is mentioned in Scripture only once, in connection with the descent of Paul from Jerusalem to Caesarea (Acts 23:31). References will be found in Ant, XIII, xv 1; XVI, v, 2; BJ, I, xxi, 9. It was a town built by Herod the Great, and called after his father Antipater.

It is probably identical with the modern Heb: Ras el-`Ain, "fountain head," a large mound with ruins at the source of Heb: Nahr el`Aujeh, in the plain to the Northeast of Jaffa. There are remains of a crusading castle which may be the Mirabel of those times.



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