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published: 3/5/06
updated: 7/29/13

Picture Gallery of Buddhist Prayer Wheels

Tibetan prayer wheels are a way of reciting mantras thousands of times with a turn of a wheel. Prayer wheels range in size from a small pendant that can be worn, to a handheld version with a weighted string, to giant barrel-sized wheels found at temples.

Tibetan prayer wheels
Spinning prayer wheels at Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet. Photo: Rebirth.

Large prayer wheel
Large prayer wheel in Bhutan. Photo: Steve Evans.

A temple guardian with a hand-held and large prayer wheels. Photo: Philippe Tarbouriech.

Men spinning prayer wheels. Photo: squashblossom.

A closer look at hand-held prayer wheels, with beaded string to make it spin. Photo: Seyerce.

A monk spins a large prayer wheel in a Bhutan temple. Photo: Steve Evans.

Water-powered prayer wheel powered next to a stream in Nepal. Photo: Sam Judson.