Photos of Buddhapada (Buddha Footprints)

The Buddhapada, or Footprints of the Buddha, was one of the earliest symbols used in Buddhist art. Below are photos of the Buddhapada from various times and places.

Buddhapada in limestone from Gandhara, 1st or 2nd cent BC.

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Buddhapada in limestone from the Amaravati Stupa in India, 1st century BC. British Museum.

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Black buddhapada in a temple in Thailand. Photo: Chrisada Sookdhis.

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Buddha's footprint filled with offerings of coins and flowers, Thailand. Photo: Carrie B.

Buddhapada in the Settawya Paya in Mandalay, Burma. Photo: Helge Roe.

Buddha's feet
Symbols on the feet of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok.

Buddhapada with Buddhist symbols.

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