Buddhism Photos

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we're gathering together galleries of high-quality Buddhist images to accompany our articles on Buddhism. Please choose a gallery below.

  • Buddhapada in Buddhismhttp://www.religionfacts.com/buddhism/gallery/buddhapada

    The Buddhapada, or Footprints of the Buddha, was one of the earliest symbols used in Buddhist art. Below are photos of the Buddhapada from various times and places...

  • Photos of Buddhist Monkshttp://www.religionfacts.com/buddhism/gallery/monks

    Below is a selection of photos of Buddhist monks, showing the variety of robes, appearances and practices of monks around the world. For more information, see our article on Buddhist Monks' Robes.

  • Buddhist Prayer Wheelshttp://www.religionfacts.com/buddhism/gallery/prayer-wheels

    In Buddhism, Tibetan prayer wheels are a way of reciting mantras thousands of times with a turn of a wheel. Prayer wheels range in size from a small pendant that can be worn, to a handheld version with a weighted string, to giant barrel-sized wheels found at temples.