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Symbols of the Baha'i Faith

There is no one official symbol representing the Bahá'í Faith, but there are three symbols commonly used: a nine-pointed star, the ringstone symbol, and the Greatest Name.


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  • Greatest Name

    The Greatest Name, or more fully, the calligraphy of the Greatest Name of God, is a calligraphized Arabic rendering of "Yá Bahá'ul 'Abhá" ("O Glory of the Most Glorious!")... full article →
  • nine-point star

    A nine-pointed star is an important symbol of the Baha'i Faith and a minor symbol in Christianity. ## Nine-Point Star in the Baha'i Faith The most commonly used symbol for the Baha'i Faith is the nine-pointed star... full article →
  • ringstone

    Designed by `Abdu'l-Bahá , the ringstone symbol, as its name implies, is the most common symbol found on rings worn by Bahá'ís, but it is also used on necklaces, book covers, and paintings, as well as in the architecture of the Shrine of the Báb... full article →

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