A-Z Religion Index

The ReligionFacts A-Z Religion Index is a quick index to our articles and sections on major world religions, from ancient faiths to new religious movements. It is not comprehensive, of course, and grows regularly. This list is larger than the one on the main page, as it includes sects and denominations (like Baptist or Zen) along with major religions (like Christianity or Buddhism).

ReligionFacts is very inclusive with what is regarded as a "religion" for purposes of this index and this website. Some of these belief systems may not be "religions" according to traditional definitions (they might better be called "philosophies" or "movements"), and some are even anti-religion. The grounds for a group's inclusion is simply that it offers an explanation of ultimate reality or the purpose of life. See our Big Religion Chart to compare the basics of over 40 faiths.

Further Resources on World Religions

A-Z Religion Index
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